Rameda as Kid Soldier,Kid Striker,Beast Soldress ,Heathcliff,hector,Wordsworth and Mungo met Vulissa at night while doing a Mission Then Meet with her Comerades,Jintorai,Rinaki,
Hyumajo Cat Soldier from the USA & Rankuza a Wolf Martial Artist are all together Stopping General Mace and Consulting Sergeant Beowulf  who’s Fooled by General Mace believing Kid Soldier,Vulissa and Comrades are Terrorist  to Destroy Humankind,Mace’s Plan is to Wipeout them to Gather all the Alchemy Stones to Rule the Globe Break every Barricade Army that General Mace is Off Limits,Kid Soldier,Kid Striker,Beast Soldress,Vulissa & Comrades Must Go Face off the Army Generals from Dominating the World once again and Stop G.Mace from Collect Twelve Alchemy Stones from Causing disaster on the Life and Existence.