Kid Soldier


Rameda Tetsumora is a Japanese African Kid once as a normal Middle Student but the man named general Hollen phoenix of the military troop force 9 needed Rameda’s help to Stop the threat and traitor General Henry mace, Also known as the The military governments Youngest Elite Fighting New Commando Kid Soldier Code “Red Grenade Fist”. Who’s Main Objective is Stop any Imperial Threat from Taking over humanity and He is now in Middle College as 15 years old. Kid Soldier Has his Friends and allies like Heathcliff,Hector,Wordsworth and Mungo & Kid Striker, Raff raff, Cleo, Leroy and Bush are on his side He and the 4 Main Cats Fight Many Various Armies of Elite troopers, Ninjas and Hockey Masked Soldiers who're Trying to Kill them. Kid Soldier and the military troop cats objective is always stopping the Evil General mace where ever he's planning Kid Solder, Heathcliff, Hector, Wordsworth, & Mungo are always on to him and fighting against his plans from world domination and He and 4 Cats are the 5 successors Military fighting Style "Go Gunji ken" 5 Military fist which is the most Devastating Overpowered Fighting Style ever known for Unleashing Devastating Military Signature Moves.
His father is a Soldier who fights the imperials against Mace's plans when he's gone and nowhere to be found. Kid Soldier & His Allies Must Fight against the Imperial Threat to make sure humanity will be in Peaceful protection against oppression and Dictatorship.


2nd in Command & Member of the Military Troop Cats, he is a street-smart cat also a Lethal Cat Soldier. In Real life He’s a Trouble making who spends most of his time trying to turn a dustbin over onto people's heads. Heathcliff is a real street cat who loves to fight anyone and everyone and will lie, cheat and steal to get himself some food, but beneath it all, He loves Beat Enemy Soldiers and Fights giant Tough Army Masters and Double Crossing the Imperial Elite leaving in self Destruct bombs on Elite Generals. He’s a good guy who does the Right to Protect Humanity from Imperials. Heathcliff Relies on his Very Overpowered Street Fighting abilities and massive Overpowered Shooting accuracy. When an Elite Army Captives Sonya Heathcliff and His Team are fighting them and Rescue Sonya from Captivity and Assassination attempts. Heathcliff was Given By His name “Yellow Terror”. 



Hector, a brown Himalayan cat who speaks with a New Jersey accent & 3rd Member and Command of the Military troop cats. Has was sometimes depicted as feeling that he should be the head of the group and The Military troop cats by the name “Green Swifter”, and becomes so on some occasions in Life. Riff-Raff and Hector conflict each other formed the basis of a number of moments in Missions. Hector is a Himalayan Guns cat who has massive Damage Target sometimes He's Impulsive when he goes by himself doing missions alone sometimes to his friends Wordsworth and Mungo and he gets too cocky when enemies are about to unleash devastating weapons and easily Backfire Him, Rameda and Hector are also 2nd Closest Friends and Partners when Hector is almost being brief of a Killing Blow by War hound and Rameda as Kid Soldier Came in Saved Hector from Death than He and Kid Soldier Fought out all the elite enemies than Fought War hound Defeated him Then Heathcliff, Wordsworth Mungo Came in as Back up Then Wordsworth Told them “We’re Soldiers Forever and We always as Team Fight Together. Hector is an accurate Soldier has Kicking abilities and Accurate Target Range His Attacks are Similar but the Opposite to Kid Soldier.


Wordsworth, named after poet William Wordsworth, is a white cat & 4th Smart and Eligible member of the Military troop cats by Soldier Name “Blue Rhyme Skater” who wears roller skates, headphones, and goggles, and speaks in rhyme. Within the show, his full name is given as Wordsworth W. Wordsworth III.  Wordsworth Shooting Methods is Skating and Shooting and He Fights with His Skates and Does tricks while doing at the same time. Wordsworth also Distract his enemies by Telling them with Poems of the outcome to death as his most Capabilities But also Disguises as a Girl cat makes his enemies Freak out in a Awkward Humor moments. Wordsworth Burnt his Skates when he’s skating off from enemy fleet shooting than He Ran into a mine streets and blown & flied away than land unconsciously Lost his and The military troop 9 Gave an Pair of Skates and He loves like his old skates. Wordsworth is the smart accurate helpful poet soldier of the military troop cats.


Mungo is a large, dim-witted purple cat and 5th Member of the Military troop cats in his Code name “Orange Muscle” who acts as a lackey for Riff-Raff and Big muscle of the Military troop cats. Mungo has massive overpowered Fighting abilities, when they’re too many Enemies who are near him. He screams and Makes an Explosion that sends enemies flying and to their Death also makes environment incinerated after He does that He frightened and sometimes tired. Mungo messes mission and 4 of the team were angry at Him for messing it up but The Team Loves him and He means no harm. He’s a helping Arm to the Team.

Beast Soldress 


Torihima’s Life Began Where She was Born in Hokkaido an Island Beach in Japan as a Little Kitten girl Raised by Cat Human Mother & Human Father & a Young Cat Sister Named Kairume Back then she’s Cheerful & Calm. She loves her Sister So much when Kairume Was picked on by a Bunch Bullies when She’s Crying for Torihima’s help then She Knock them out for Picking on her Sister. Her & Kairume Liked each other a lot many years later she was Separated from her Sister after her Graduation and her new life alone when Torihima was 18 years old. a Year a Go after she move from her family and island home now living in her home in Shinjuku japan she always woke up late She goes to Her School Tamasaki College. After school is over She back home then an Explosion shocked her out and saw Kid Soldier and the military troop cats fighting off G. Gattler which punch Wordsworth flying and crashed to her than wordsworth told her to go to safe area than got up came back to help the allies than Kid Soldier and Comrades Unleashed a Their Military Signature attack on Gattler Torihima got into the attack aswell but She’s alive Safe & woke up Met them & talked.

Kid Striker 


Kid Striker is Known in Reality Life as Kage Shibuto Friend of Rameda and Partner of Kid Soldier and his team. Back then Kage saw Riff raff and Cleo trapped in a dead end by Big Bang who's about to Kill Riff raff and Cleo then Both Cats Cried for out for help. then Kage who is Kid Striker Saved them from Big Bang killing the cats off. Riff raff and Cleo Both thank kid striker for saving their lives Riff Raff and Cleo Join the military troop force 9 and fight against the imperials. Now Kage is 14 years old Doing Like He does Best getting Lucky with the ladies and making the Bullies Get in trouble and Crashing Elite army's Plans. Kid Striker is the hard hitting leader, Riff raff is 2nd in command and Cleo is the 3rd Most reliable reconnaissance Cat in Charge, Leroy is 4th and Armed Weaponry Dog of the Team and Bush is the 5th Gullible Helper of the team.

Riff Raff

Riff-Raff, a short, tough, streetwise alley cat and 2nd Member Command of Second Squadron whose main residence was one-half of an old transport plane which stood precariously at the top of a pile of junk overlooking the yard. In One time Riff raff and cleo saw a Shooting star which is actually an alchemy crash on the Junkyard and Then Both Him and Cleo Ran off from junkyard Find Heathcliff,hector,Wordsworth & mungo But a Giant Mecha control Big bang which is about Kill the 2 Cats &; Chase them. Riaff and Cleo Ran away from Giant Mecha from being killed then they got into an dead end in the alley. Riff raff Screams NO and Cleo Yells Help and Cried out Then Kid Striker came Punched Big bang then send his Flying and crashed. Kid Striker introduce them to his real name kage Shibuto and Riff raff and Cleo thanked him for Rescuing and Him and Cleo tagged a log as Soldiers on Kage’s Side and Fight the imperial forces that are trying to Ruined not only their lives but Humanities. Riff raff’s Long rang accurate shooting is Similar to Heathcliff’s But Faster and more range & His Fighting abilities are Bone Crushing Powerful Blows and also Fights enemies with his Cane. Riff Raff Does more Deadly Tribution Different from Heathcliff. Heathcliff and Riff Raff always team up ,Beat up and Shoot many elites as a 2 dynamic alley cat army. Riff raff is also a Good Friend of Kage and Assisting Weapon Ally to the Kid Soldier’s Team.


Cleo is Riff-Raff’s girlfriend & 3rd Smart Accurate Member and in Command of the second squadron who did not live in the junkyard, but in a music store. The music store was constantly guarded by a sheepdog named Bush who had long hair and could not see where he was going (a running gag involved Riff-Raff entering the store, then Bush attempting to chase Riff-Raff out and breaking a musical instrument in the process). In the flashback it is revealed that Cleo is in fact one of the Catillac Cats herself, even coining the name, and not simply a household pet who happens to be Riff-Raff's paramour. On more than one occasion, Riff-Raff ends up 'two-timing' Cleo with another female cat, Female Cat soldiers and Human Cat Women (accidental or otherwise). In fact, Riff-Raff agrees in one time in her life to "go steady" with Cleo, but immediately falls for another cat named Roxy. As expected, Cleo is furious and soon gets payback.  Strangely enough, they both end up together again in the next things in her life. In One time Cleo and Riff Raff saw a Shooting star which is actually an alchemy Stone crash landed on the Junkyard and Then Both Her and Riff Raff Ran off from the junkyard to Find Heathcliff, hector, Wordsworth & Mungo But a Giant Mecha control Big bang which is about Kill the 2 Cats & Chase them. Cleo and Riff Raff Ran far away from the Giant Mecha from being killed then they got into a dead end in the alley. Riff raff Screams NO and Cleo Yells Help and Cried out for Help Then Kid Striker came Punched Big bang then send him and his mech Flying and crashed. Kid Striker introduce them to his real name Kage Shibuto and Her and Riff Raff thanked him for Rescuing. then Her and Riff raff tagged a log as Soldiers on Kage’s Side and Fight the imperial forces that are trying to Ridicule not only their lives but mankind. Cleo is the Most Helpful Accurate Flexible Endurance Hard hitting Cat Soldier of the 2nd Squadron. She also Lerks imperial threats who’re try kill a child or an Pet animal or one of her friends and her boyfriend Riff raff She comes Fights them off from termination attempt. She has Better Shooting and Powerful Deadly Kicking abilities than Hector’s and Fighting acrobatic accuracies, and she has a wrist gloves that Tells Time, Communicate People, locates enemy forces and areas and places, Annualizing Power levels, and Shows Temperature reading of the Weather and someone who’s sick. Cleo is always a Capable Cat Soldier to help them.


Leroy is a dog and 4th Heavy Weapon Member of 2nd Squadron who also lived in the junkyard. He and the Catillac Cats have a love-hate relationship but as Soldiers in Mission they have spirit help teamwork in the end: in his personal life Leroy often tried to chase them out, to no avail, though other times he was cast in the light of an ally to them, helping them chase out other outsiders. In the Christmas Flash back, it is revealed that Leroy is part of a gang put in charge of guarding the junkyard and also Guarding Earth From Imperial Threats and Dictators. Leroy Sometimes does his mission alone make his team stay but they refuses Made him realize that they are Team not Individuals. Back in then in 3 years ago Leroy Fought on the side of Kid Soldier and Second and help them when general mace’s army are about Invaded the Junkyard and Takeover West Finster. Then He and Kid Soldier’s Team and Kid Striker’s Team Fight against the imperials who’re about Takeover Junkyard and Make an Army Empire Lead by Skull Face who is Sent by General Mace But Kid Soldier and Kid Striker, the Military troop cats, Riff raff and Cleo & Leroy Refuse to let them take over the Catillac cats home along with the world. Leroy Has a Ton of Gun weapons and Close Physical Attacks on His enemies and also He can with his Machine gun as a Brawling melee weapon and long range weapons. Leroy is an Ally and Armed Dog Soldier of the Second Squadron.


a Loyal Sheepdog who lived with Cleo in a Music Shop store for Years Unfortunately Due Bushy hair do,Most of the Time when Riff Raff would Break into Take Cleo out Bush always End up
Crash into the Music Instruments as a Clumsy but a Soldier in Mission he always Gets blown up and getting crossover enemy Soldier Weapons, However Bush has natural Hearing abilities despite his lack of site. Bush also has Full Strength as Mungo does. He's also very helpful Comrades to Kid Striker and his Team with Riff Raff,Cleo who loved Bush as a Friend and an Ally to Military forces lead by Kid Soldier.



Jaxer Kaorukun is a Japanese/American Young Wolf who was 20 years old & a Highly Skilled Soldier but in Life as an average Wolf College Student. He was mocked by bullies because way He looks Like a Werewolf & Indecent Canine Freak but always lucky and sometimes got falsely blame for situation. He is the Son of The 1 Wolf Army Ross from Kid Soldier 2. And Rameda and his friends stick up with him including Torihima who always care about him when he's in trouble & False Caught in School. While back at His home He saw strangers who're unsuspecting guest it's actually the Elite Assassins who need kaorukun's help But He screams and Yell help! Then He realizes He's determined to help them to stop the Elite. In Kid Soldier 8 kaorukun is with his friends as 21 Years old making sure no enemy takes on Wolf Soldier like Him. Wolf Talon is an Elite Fighting Wolf Soldier who doesn’t like to back down for his enemies.

Yula Bee

Yula Liandra bee is an 18 year old Female Teenage Human Dane Bee who is a Shy but an Accurate Soldier who has the capability to fly as a Air Fighter. She’s an Air Bee Soldier of Elite Assassins.

Her Origins She’s Born in Denmark & Grew up in her home country until she graduate from school move to her own house when she was 17 years old.

In Her Life Loves Outdoors & View the landscapes & Sky also Loves her friends Torihima when Rameda & His Friends are playing soccer in the Street Hector kicked the ball hard and completely Knock Barber shops Sign Flying as well then yula wakes up She saw some landing to her house a soccer then Stripe poll hit yula’s Foot hard Which is actually Adapted in the Manga then rameda goes to yula’s house & met her, Rameda & Torihima came to talked to each other. and got the soccer ball back.Yula is Arial Ace Bee

and Tactical shooter,Her Capabilities Flight and Strike Attack enemies plus she Fights with her Stinger 



Betress is a Yellow Feline Hybrid Mountain Cat Born on South America by her Real Parents who’re soldiers fought the imperials back in the war against General Mace than She was Raised by her Family than Betress became 14 years old & said good bye to her family & ran freely in Safari breeze & Lives at a Tropical Cabin in an Entire Safari as Her Home
20 years later is her Life Grown up is where Betress is 23 years old as a Youthful Young teenage adult and loves the beautiful outside world since she was a Hybrid Cub. Ran freely in the Safari breeze and Loves to Feel the Blue Skies Relaxes in the Delicate Blue Water Spring Falls.
She Loves to Cozy & Conform herself in the Ocean as a Bath & Relaxation, Watching Landscape of the Safari, Blue Skies, the Soothing while Relaxing & Resting on a Palm Leaf Hammock for a Good Sleep & Never Likes eating nor Hunt other Animals especially Human She loves them because they have Life to go & see through She Hates Poachers & Imperialistic Dictators like Kid Soldier & the Military troop Cats & Comrades main Adversary General Mace.
She's a Feminine Feline Nature Lover.



Vashton is a 23 year old Human Hybrid Shark who is a Natural Swimmer & Care Free person and who loves the Freedom of the ocean, Land and Human & Animal Hybrid Society along with His long Time Child Friend Yukejo since Vashton Met him when he was 17 years old and in Later on his Friends  are Keijiki & Nyaru (Double Squadron) & .  he became a Soldier when he met Kid Soldier (Rameda), Heathcliff, Hector, Wordsworth and Mungo who are Fighting Maces Forces from attempting to Take over the Oceans then Vashton tag along to Fight mace’s soldiers out with them. 



Fierlstrale is a 26-year-old Female Succubus was born on September 27th 3980 in Pennsylvania as a young succubus child raised by the Family in a Rich mansion later Fierlstrale turns 16 and grown she ran away took her gun weapons and fierlstrale decides to fight against mace’s eager ambition to take over her family’s wealth and made sure him and other imperialist will not put her home and the globe in communism She was a Freelance Soldier who helps to Protect Human Kind against Imperials she vows to Stop & Rebuke General Mace for all that is love and Freedom. Fierlstrale is a one-woman succubus soldier. her mother is dead by hair dryer lead by bomb and exploded at her room. Fierlstrale is Shocked her mother is dead violent and her father got shot by a Rocket missile right in his rectum and got combusted. Fierlstrale ran off in her 16th year of her life and fierlstrale saw the imperial Fleet break her mansion house she is nowhere to be found fierstrale is here relaxing, listening to her music and nicely mannered she’s question mace’s army then She shoots with her Fang refile when her father it to her 12th birthday then Fights them off solo and obliterate the army furiously and them empire elite ran away from the mansion another day Fierlstrale ran off to her soldier war path as the soldier that she is despite as a Succubus doing act of embracing her fight against the imperial fleet before Kid soldier and the others destined to join the war and when she’s 19 in 3999 fierlstrale in her years willing avenge her mother and her father’s death and where she is heart of valor to the way of integrity. Fierlstrale save a bunch of children in Holland and she gently told the husky boy with the detonator attach to him to stay calm to remove it off of him then the Elite is Furious that their plans failed and She drop detonator that reached to zero obliterate the children flying in death Fierlstrale is Shocked and doesn’t Want anyone to die and loss forever she hugged human child a wave of energy came from her heal the children to bring them to life then Fierlstrale Furiously Fought the elite army to avenge the dead child she revived their lives from death. After fearsome fight Fierlstrale say her soft warm passionate hearted Good byes to the Children she saved and loved and never forget them.    

New Characters:


Vulissa is a 13 year old Japanese Female Cabbit Born on 3988 grown up as the age of 12 Spotted the Ninja Military based called Ninja Gunji TaiGetsu 6 Raised by Ninja Soldiers and Lieutenant Tenkai showed Vulissa way Ninja by Night and Day one She met Kid Soldier, Heathcliff, Hector, Wordsworth and Mungo while doing a Mission against Mace’s Plans and Objective than Vulissa came and Fought the imperials then She Tagged along as an ally to Fight against The Empire.


Kid Diablo


Jintorai is a Japanese Child Soldier who fights off imperials,He Met Vulissa at Junior high since 12 years old who's the same age as Rameda (Kid Soldier).

Jintorai is Reckless,Impulsive,Determined,Hot tempered and sometimes caring for others including his comrades.

Kid Blue Demon has Blue Flame and Electric Sword Attacks and Fights with his Sword and Shoot with his Hell Raid Gun

Kid Serpent

Rinaki Toranoburan

Profile: Rinaki is a 16 year old Japanese Chimera who's Half Reptile Half Feline Human girl who's a Sophomore in high school and as a Soldier who's a Companion with Vulissa and Jintorai,She's Sassy,Feminine,Sweet and Charming but Mostly Tough. She's an Acrobatic Kicking based Fighter and she shoots with her Snake Rapid Gun

Kit Sonic Drive

Hyumajo Akiraneko/Kit Sonic Drive:

Jr.Leutentant Hyumajo is a 14 year old Japanese American male Cat who's a Soldier in the Jr.USA Operatives with Child Commado of USA

He's Cocky,Confident,Hot Blooded and Narcissistic. He Uses Fist and Kicking Melee Attacks and has a Gun.

WOLF Rhythm  

wolf rhythm as soldier but She is a 24 year old korean Music and Dance loving female wolf who loves Pop Jazz music she's Calm,Sway layback hipster wolf who eases herself and rest of the comrades and she doesn't everyone fighting each other next to Torihima migatsu who friends with her hang out with each other next to cleo. She is also a long time cherished friend of Penelope Kinekko (Kit Papperazzi) who both of them sound of music mainly 80's pop rock,Jazz Fusion and dance. wolf rhythm fighting capabilities are her Stylish dancing with her legs and acrobatics fight off enemies and Doesn't like mace's army Crashing love for Dancing,Music and humanity

Wolf Iron Blade

Rankuza Wolf Tekuzan (Iron Blade):

Rankuza is a 22 year old Male Hybrid Wolf from Japan who's a College Student in Japan and as a Soldier in the Military troop force 9 & a Martial Artist that he's natual fighter,He's youthful,Courageous,Fearless,Competent, & Mostly Light hearted and a Good person to Teach them how fight and do strategies.

Wolf Tekuzan is a Ruthless martial artist wolf who Mostly relies on his Kicking Melee Attacks.

Kid Magnum









Heathcliff's love, a fluffy white Persian cat, who wears a pink collar. Heathcliff is always trying to win Sonja over, although generally she is not usually too impressed with Heathcliff's antics as she is a far classier type of cat. Sonja would often date other male cats that Heathcliff would have to fight, but always ends hanging out and reconciling with him. around 3 years later she decided to tag along with the Heathcliff & Soldiers to Fight end the war & Put a stop to General mace and the empire.


 Pecks is a Body Building Cat who works day and night.
a one Year ago in West Finster USA Sonja falls for Pecks Beefcake, which prompts Heathcliff to challenge him to a weightlifting competition. Pecks trainer "helps" him, until Heathcliff finds out that he's been sabotaged.after that Pecks & Heathcliff are added again until General Mace Monitor's Rameda,Heathcliff and the soldiers with pecks who sabotage his plans and attacked the Outside Gym this time than Pecks teams with Kid Soldier and the Military troop cats to Fight the Imperial army's out.
and decided tag along to Fight off the empire to have a better type workout put fist and gives general mace the boot.

 Wolf Valkyrie

Noella is a Female Canadian Human Wolf born on December, 2, 3981 in Canada,

Noella is has Parents also an Older Anthropomorphic wolf Brother named Alster & a Older Human Wolf Sister named Miry, Noella Graduate from College in 4000 & a that year she turn 21 years old at her in Canada than Several time later She went to grad school and met Rameda, Kage, Daniel and Heathcliff and Cats as well. The Imperial Forces and Criminal Army are Targeting Noella who is with the Main Characters but at every time, trial and error. Noella’s Life is Relaxing in her House Reading Manga, Playing Video games,& Illustrate Sketch Pad and Writing Homework Document & Made it to School every day on time She Loves Science and Technology and Art, Noella loves to Relaxing at her Back Yard including .


Profile: Kaoroko is an 19 year old Japanese human cat female teenager who wanders in life & living peacefully in Japan and the world, helping other people with problems & an Accurate Feline Fighter. Kaoroko’s Family her Father who’s a Fisherman & Her Mother a Militaristic Document writer.

Kaoroko Saw a Sonic Boom which is an all out war in Akihabara Japan Kid Soldier, Kid Striker, Kid Magnum & Heathcliff and cats and company are Fighting Maces Army who team with the Crime Lord Empire to Takeover Japan but Child soldier and troop cats holding off and Standing against them, than Kaoroko put herself mysteriously to fight off mace’s army & Help the heroes out to Fight back, Mace & Sergeant Akugan are planning a comeback Surprise during Sunset at the afternoon Rameda, Heathcliff, Hector, Wordsworth & Mungo, Daniel, Lefty, Knuckles & Raoul are met her where she relaxed her feet in the water at Docks Having  a Conversation for a While about her life as a human Feline on Duty. Suddenly Kaoroko’s ears Heard a Sound Thrusters, vrooming General Mace’s Imperial aircraft spotted the Kids and Preparing fire at them in range, Rameda, Daniel & Kaoroko & the Cats Jump off & got their selves Blown away by the Explosion, they got up & Saw the Light that spotted then they Run for Cover but Ambush & then Start Fighting them off Then Kid Striker, Riff Raff and Cleo & Beast Soldress and Sonya & Leroy & Jaxer Saved them & Backed them up & luckily Wolf Valkery Stalled Akugan’s mecha Soldiers as well. While the battle is Over Kaoroko Tagged along with Rameda,Kage,Shiona,Torihima, Daniel & comrades to the Military troop force 9 and Gave her a Hooded Soldier outfit & Cannon Gun then Joins to Help them Stand against General Mace.

Biruki Namakojo


Biruki Namakojo is a 18 year old Japanese Dog born in Japan June,25th 3983 Biruki was a Puppy when her mother loved her also her father as well in a good family life in Japan when she was 4 then in the 3993 she turns 10 as Seeing the sites of Japan famous monuments and relaxing blossom fields. She went on see terrorist from General mace’s elite army starting conquest then Biruki Starts fighting them with acrobatics and her natural martial arts. Biruki was assignment by General Tsujo Harigan who given her as a Shinobi Sage of Poetics and Chestier to Take on the Enemy soldiers leady by Kid Soldier and the military troop cats main Nemisis General Mace and other Dictators who want Power and throne on the globe. In her mission Biruki lewer mace’s army in to a trap by Ask them kindly to Give up your ways then Started to Fight them with shinobi fighting arts and shoots in perfect aim successfully. When She was 16 Biruki encounter Kid Soldier and his allies heathcliff,hector, wordsworth & mungo and introduces them to her, Joins the allies to stop General mace for Good. Biruki is befriended Wordsworth as Important Acquaintance since She Spent the Times Together his Friends.

Playing has her favorite instrument Shamisen as a see the Sites while relaxing in the Blossoms fields

In most of her life Biruki loves Poetry and Playing with her Shamisen that her mother gives her for her 12th Birthday as Comforting activity while Laying back down & Relaxing herself barefooted in a outdoors Closing her eyes soothing her mind into a kind of peaceful music.
Biruki Has Martial Art Skills and Ninja based Attacks also Fights with her legs she also Acrobatic and agile.

Biruki is a Peaceful Chestier Sweet, Eased in Patient Youthful dog with a Poetic Wise Personality ,Very Clever Ninja & has temper but Eased out best by her calm patients. Biruki Loves nothing more than Peace and Love, Relaxation She hates Opressors and never lets merciless imperials kill innocents, doesn’t like people throwing life by suicide and consults in a calm encourage them live forever. 

Kid Gekko






Side SUPPORT Characters:

 General Hollen Master Phoenix

General Hollen Mastery Phoenix is The Command Leader of the Military troop force 9. He Guide Kid Soldier and the Soldiers to their Missions and tell them they're strategic moves and Tatics and Hidden Base where their enemy is Planning. When Phoenix Saw the Attacks on New England Mace Spoked Claim Himself to be one who plan this all along to Take over the Military Organization. Phoenix Decided Get Help from a Boy By the name rameda and 4 Cats named Heathcliff,Hector,Wordsworth and Mungo to Fight General mace’s Army and Powerful Generals and Expose his plans from Taking over Humanity. Phoenix is their mentor and Command Leader to help them out where ever they need him Guides them.

Kairume Migatsu 

Kairume is Torihima & Shiyami’s Young Cat Sister who was 16 years old. Back in her Life as Child Sister of Her older Sister.  But she’s a Cheerful & Calm Cat girl also she’s timid and she’s hates to Fight and doesn’t like the war. She loves her Sister Torihima So much when Kairume Was picked on by a Bunch of Bullies who stole her lunch and beautiful from her made her cry Torihima saw them pick on her & help her to protect then she Knock them out for Picking on her Sister. She & Kairume loved each other a lot many years later she was separated from her Sister Torihima who graduated from high school.  Now Turned 18 years old as a Helper and Loves to Nurse the Innocent and Injured and She's a Flower Gardener.

Sergeant Mifumi

General Felsrick


Lieutenant Alexander

Lieutenant beowulf

all together Stopping General Mace and Consulting Sergeant Beowulf  who’s Fooled by General Mace believing Kid Soldier,Vulissa and Comrades are Terrorist  to Destroy Humankind,Mace’s Plan is to Wipeout them to Gather all the Alchemy Stones to Rule the Globe Break every Barricade Army that General Mace is Off Limits,Kid Soldier,Kid Striker,Beast Soldress,Vulissa & Comrades Must Go Face off the Army Generals from Dominating the World once again and Stop G.Mace from Collect Twelve Alchemy Stones from Causing disaster on the Life and Existence.



General Mace

General Henry mace is the main enemy & antagonist Dictating Leader of His Imperial who’s main priority is to take over humanity from those who get in his way & Ruins it. Mace Sends his Army of shadow mask soldiers and Ninjas & His Powerful Army General masters to Conquer Countries and Continents to build a world that will work to destroy the Military troop force 9 But phoenix Sent Rameda, Heathcliff, Hector, Wordsworth, & Mungo to Confront and they succeeded against his Plans every time also Mace sent all of his army to search to collect 12 alchemy stones to awaken Ultimately overpowered Destructive Robotic Titans that Obliterate mankind Failed by Kid Soldier and His allies and Reinforcements. Mace Refuses Give up and See outcome of his Defeat and ties to avoid it.