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once a Female Cat that Came to Riff Raff's Junkyard to meet and have a Date with Riff Raff which Suckered Cleo and Got her Cheated by him when years passed she met Kid trooper and Comrades when She's spotted & about to be terminated by General mace's army soldiers & the Decided to Join with Kid Trooper & became a Cat Ninja & Befriended with Ryujin/Kid Ninja and Fight against the Imperial Army of General Mace's Empire. 



Dixie is a beautiful southern kitty who lives in a Stadium and had an Impulsive Brother named Jake She’s an Athlete and an Acrobatic Eligible Soldier. She Met Mungo when he was chased by a Bunch of Dogs in a Stadium Dixie Liked Mungo as a Good Cat, Dixie Disliked How Jake Treats Mungo Like He’s Nothing to him But Her Human Friend Batron also Out Smarts Jake as well. Dixie Fights her enemies with is her Staff That can Extend and Had a Rainbow energy Flag Can easily Cut Through enemies out. She’s a Prerogative Soldier of The Human Defense Commando Unit 3 who trained her as a Soldier. After Her life as a Female Cat Athlete She Saw a Military Unit Talking to her owners and agreed to take her to the Commando unit 3 Organization. In the Training Section where the obstacle was held She met general hawk who Taut Some of his Student who’re Mean, Lazy, Made fun of her because she’s a Kitty Speaks southern but in the training Dixie’s Skills against the obstacles are almost completed but one of Bully Student Jackal Tricked her going to his mine trap when she stepped Blown her straight and made her loss the finished line and her record. Than later she sat in tears cried because she failed the test but General Hawk came in and sat down next to Dixie gave & her Sweet hearted sympathy than Hawk stopped his watch caught her record that He knows that she did a Great as a Cat Soldier and Hawk Gave Dixie a Weapon and a Headband because she’s Pass her trails fairly than hawk expelled the Bad Students who treated Dixie and Double Crossed her for cheating and They’ll never come back again and Joined General Mace’s Army later as Army Masters.  After Her First Completed Training is over the Military unit took her back home and Dixie Saw her owners Got back to home Brought a Birthday Present to her and the gift is a Soldier outfit and a Kannon Gun and She’s Happy and Saw her Soldier name “Bright heart bullet” Now She Knows Her Destiny Decided to Become Elite Fighting Cat Commando as One of the Prerogative Commandos and Allies of the Military Troop Force.

Kid Knight

Kit Xiaolin


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Kit Stripeshot 


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