Assist Characters

Characters who Help you Fight off Enemies to progress to levels.

Assisst Characters:




Kit Paparazzi

Penelope Kineko is a Cheerful & Positive 19 year old Japanese American Human Hybrid Cat who’s Born in Japan at Birth as a Baby Kitten & Moved to America & Raised there by her family Father a American Wild cat Soldier and her Mother who is Japanese Feline. Penelope Loves Music mainly 1980s is her most favorite type of music.

Kit Paparazzi is a Natural Technician who fixes the Child soldier and pet soldier’s Weapons technology.

She’s Loves Relax herself and layback her couch while listening to her favorite 80’s music while fixing the weapons and vehicles. She met Kid Soldier, Kid Striker, Beast Soldress, Heathcliff, Hector, Wordsworth,& Mungo including Riff Raff & Cleo & Leroy as Friends. Kit Paparazzi is a natural Fighter who uses dancing as her way to fight enemies also a Loves Torihima & Yula including riff raff’s girl friend Cleo. But also loves to hangout with torihima & Shaiyami’s younger Kairume at Park in japan.




Kid Clutch